Do Not Trust Your Broker

Do Not Trust Your Broker

Let me tell you a story about what happened a few years ago…

A lady walked into our office saying that she needed our help

She said one of her friends was using our service and she wanted to get more information

After talking to her for a bit and getting her email and phone number, I realized that I have spoken to this lady before.

But the last time I talked to her, she was not interested in what I had to say. So, why the change now?

I asked her this very question.

Her replied blew my mind. (I can’t say I was surprised though)

Just to give you a back story…

She had been a real estate agent for over 23 years at that time.

She had many opportunities to be a broker of her own and start her own company but she never did.

She said she loved her broker and loved working for them.

But she never realized that times can change and so can people…

In today world, everyone is looking for the new hip thing when it comes to selling houses. (This could be good or bad but I will leave this story for another day)

So her broker was trying to do the same thing. They did not see a place for her in this new way of doing business. So after 23 years of service, they just let her go.

Now, of course, she was sad but it was time for her to move on.

She tried to log back into her CRM and website to contact the leads that she had captured, but she couldn’t get back in.

The broker had locked her out.

Now, I do not blame the broker. It is their business and they have the right to do this even though it is evil.

It was her fault.

She was building another person’s house without taking care of her’s first.

Yes, it is good that her broker was provider her with a CRM, website, and tools that would help her successful do business. But he was only providing that because she was making him money.

This real estate agent learned the hard way. After 23 years she had to start all over.

I asked her what would she do differently now that she knows her broker could take everything away.

She said “even though my broker was helping me with the tools, I would have my own set of tools and my own CRM to keep track of everything. I worked hard for those leads and customers and with a snap of a finger, they were all gone. So I would always have my own thing going on the side from day one.”

No matter what real estate agents I work with, new or old, I tell them this story.

You cannot trust your broker!

You might not have plans on leaving but you never know what the future holds.

A smart real estate agent will not only use the tools their broker gave them but will always have something on the side, growing their own business and not someone else’s.


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