Real Estate CRM

With our real estate CRM, you will be able to organize and track leads better so that you do not lose out on any sales.

Capture Leads

Capture leads from your website and landing pages

Add Leads

Add leads to the CRM


Track leads through the CRM


Using the CRM and tools, convert leads into customers

Capture Leads With Advanced Capture Forms

With our advanced lead capture forms, you will be capturing leads like a pro. Not only will it make it simple to capture leads from your website, but it will also sync it to the CRM automatically & send you an SMS letting you know a new lead is available.

You will be able to follow up with them instantly on the go!

Adding Leads

We make it easy for you to add leads into the CRM.

  • Add leads Manually
  • Sync Leads to other 10+ tools
  • Add from Mobile/Desktop/Tablet
  • Auto sync from your website

Our team will import your leads from third-party platforms or .csv

Track Leads

  • Organize all your lead into one platform
  • Search leads by type, new, old, or keywords
  • Add notes to your lead
  • See uncontacted leads
  • Buyers & Sellers Tracker
  • Conversion Tracker

Find out how we help you capture & close more leads