Listing Manager

  • All your listings in one place
  • Integrated with over 700+ MLS across the country
  • Display listings into a beautiful responsive website

Pull Listings

No need to for other software to hand your listings, manage all your listing from one dashboard. With over 700+ MSL integration across the country, you call to pull all your listings as well as other’s listings that you would like to manage. Listing Manager will pull all the info for the listing as well as the pictures, school districts information, property description, and more!

Edit Listings

If the information about your listing change, you can edit it!

You have the full ability to change the data for the listing to whatever you would like. Or if you do not want to manage the property anymore, you can delete it from your dashboard.

You also have the option to change status from for sale or rent to sold and leased.

Responsive Website

With Listing Manager, you can display your listings and information on a beautiful, responsive, ready-to-go website that is automatically created for you!

The website is customizable, allowing you to upload your picture, logo, broker logo, title, and more.

Convert To PDF

With one click of a button, convert your listings into PDFs!

You can link the PDF in your emails, social media post, text, and etc. for your clients to view the listing information.

You also have the option to download or print the PDF from the dashboard.

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